The Master of Arts in English, Plan B, TESL/TEFL Specialization provides graduates with practical, theoretical, and critical knowledge of methods for teaching the English language in various social and academic settings. The program features an integrated core in which a comprehensive understanding of the form and communicative functions of the English language is combined with both general and skill-specific (reading, writing, listening, speaking) pedagogical theories and applications. These courses are designed to promote reflective inquiry, to provide students with the necessary tools for ongoing professional growth, to serve as models of effective pedagogy, and to introduce students to the various ways in which instruction can be enhanced by contemporary technologies. The final requirement for the Plan B option encourages students to make connections between theory and practice through a variety of supervised teaching experiences and the completion of a portfolio or project.

Effective Spring 2014

E 514Phonology/Morphology-ESL/EFL3
E 515Syntax for ESL/EFL3
E 526Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language3
E 527Theories of Foreign/Second Language Learning3
E 638Assessment of English Language Learners3
E 684BSupervised College Teaching: ESL2
Additional graduate credits 113
E 694Independent Study: Portfolio3
or E 698 Research Project
Program Total Credits:33

A minimum of 33 credits are required to complete this program. 


A course in research methods in English is highly recommended.  Select courses with approval of advisor and graduate committee.