The Master of Music, Performance Option provides students with a comprehensive approach to the study and performance of music in multiple styles and idioms. The curriculum is designed to develop musicianship, technical proficiency, and cultural awareness in performance and pedagogy. Regardless of degree concentration, the graduate student will maintain regular study on their applied instrument or voice and additional directed areas based on individual goals and needs. Graduate students may choose to specialize in one or more areas as they work toward degree recital requirements.

Aspiration for Student Achievement

This option intends to prepare students with outstanding performance potential to be competitive in performance and teaching careers and to be advocates for the arts in their communities. They may help meet the needs for skilled performers of solo and small and large ensemble music, and they will be able to teach in a university and help meet the considerable community demand for excellent private studio teachers.

Performance areas include woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, harp, guitar, voice, piano, and organ. Please visit the "Areas" section of the Music website for information about each studio.

Unique performance opportunities include the Graduate String Quartet/Trio program and professional organizations in Fort Collins’ thriving arts community.

Music Audition

In addition to applying to CSU through the Office of Admissions, students seeking an M.M. in Vocal/Instrumental Performance must also register for an in-person audition with CSU Music faculty. Please visit the music website for Music Audition Information.


Effective Fall 2022

MU 517Tonal Analytic Techniques3
or MU 518 Post-Tonal Analytic Techniques
MU 630Methods of Music Research3
MU 671Graduate Recital1
Select 12 credits from the following: 1,212
Applied Music Instruction: Euphonium
Applied Music Instruction: French Horn
Applied Music Instruction: Trombone
Applied Music Instruction: Trumpet
Applied Music Instruction: Tuba
Applied Music Instruction: Harpsichord
Applied Music Instruction: Organ
Applied Music Instruction: Piano
Applied Music Instruction: Percussion
Applied Music Instruction: Guitar
Applied Music Instruction: Harp
Applied Music Instruction: String Bass
Applied Music Instruction: Viola
Applied Music Instruction: Violin
Applied Music Instruction: Violoncello
Applied Music Instruction: Voice
Applied Music Instruction: Bassoon
Applied Music Instruction: Clarinet
Applied Music Instruction: Flute
Applied Music Instruction: Oboe
Applied Music Instruction: Saxophone (Alto)
MU 696IGroup Study: Performance2
MU ***Music History 13
MU ***Music Literature 1,32
Electives 16
Program Total Credits:32

 A minimum of 32 credits are required to complete this program.


Select course(s) with approval of advisor and graduate committee.


Majors in vocal performance are required to be proficient in Italian, German, and French singing diction as well as the use of International Phonetic Alphabet upon entering the program, or to take the appropriate coursework to make up deficiency as soon as possible. In addition, they should have academic proficiency in two of the following languages other than English: French, Italian, and German. The level of proficiency for each language must be equal to a grade of “B” or better.


Music literature course(s) will be in the student’s major instrument or voice. Course requirements include a paper, copies of which will be distributed to the graduate committee as a sample of the student’s scholarship.