Effective Fall 2023

Core Courses
PPA 500Research Methods for Public Policy and Admin3
PPA 501Program Evaluation and Quantitative Methods3
PPA 530Civic Engagement3
PPA 551Public Human Resources Management3
PPA 552Public Budgeting and Finance3
PPA 553Public Organizational Management and Behavior3
PPA 587Internship3
PPA 660/POLS 660Theories of the Policy Process3
PPA 670Capstone in Public Policy and Administration3
Public Policy Specialization
PPA 665/POLS 665Public Policy Analysis3
Public Policy Specialization Electives (see list below)9
Program Total Credits:39

Public Policy Specialization Electives (9 credits total)

Select 3-9 credits from the following:
CIVE 578Infrastructure and Utility Management3
LEAP 600Arts Policy and Advocacy3
PPA 543Evidence-Based Decision Making3
PPA 555Environmental Law and Policy3
PPA 558/POLS 558Administrative Law3
PPA 561State and Local Government Finance3
PPA 576Social Equity in Public Service3
PPA 592Special Topics in Public Policy and Admin3
POLS 692Seminar in Environmental Policy3
Select 0-6 credits from the following:
PPA 540International Policy Toolkit3
PPA 541Principles & Processes of International Mgmt3
PPA 542Policy Accountability--Non-Democratic Regimes3
PPA 544Ethics and Efficacy--Global Policymaking3

A minimum of 39 credits are required to complete this program.