Effective Summer 2010

Graduate courses in chemistry and other disciplines 112-15
CHEM 751Methods of Chemistry Laboratory Instruction1
CHEM 784Supervised College Teaching1
CHEM 793Seminar2
CHEM 698Research 29
Program Total Credits:30

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.

Additional Requirements

  • Incoming students must demonstrate undergraduate proficiency in analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry by having received (at their undergraduate institution) or by receiving (upon matriculation at CSU) a B- in the appropriate undergraduate course(s) or by passing an exam in the aforementioned subjects administered by the chemistry department, or by any combination of these ways to demonstrate undergraduate proficiency in the four subjects.
  • Students must pass 2 cumulative exams, or the equivalent3, which are given monthly 9 times each year, in no more than 12 attempts.
  • Students must pass a faculty-refereed scientific presentation.  Students may fulfill this requirement in one of three ways:
  • Students may give a public seminar based on the scientific literature;
  • Students may give a public seminar based on their thesis research;
  • Students may pass the Preliminary Oral Exam for the Ph.D. degree.

Select courses with advisor approval according to department guidelines.


 Up to 9 credits of CHEM 698 may be satisfied by CHEM 799.


See instructions available from the chemistry department.