The Graduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology provides foundational knowledge about the scientific study of human excellence, performance, and wellbeing, while also helping professionals gain skills to understand, develop, and use science-grounded practices and interventions in more specialized areas. The knowledge and skills learned in this certificate may be applied to students' own lives or to professional topics in leadership, work and organizations, education, sports, and psychotherapy.

Effective Fall 2021

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

PSY 500Advanced Introduction to Positive Psychology3
Select three courses from the following:9
Positive Sport Psychology
Psychology of Calling and Meaningful Work
Positive Education
Positive Career Counseling and Coaching
Positive Organizations and Leadership
Program Total Credits:12

 *This certificate may have courses in common with other graduate certificates. A student may earn more than one certificate, but a given course may be counted only in one certificate.