The Master of Applied Statistics, Plan C, Statistical Science Specialization emphasizes practical methods in statistics, focusing on applications and computational aspects rather than theory. The goal of this degree is to enable students to start working as practicing statisticians in industry or government immediately after graduation. Students receive a strong background in statistical computing while completing this degree. Full-time students complete the M.A.S. degree in less than a year; however, this degree may also be completed part-time, either online or on campus. Students who succeed in the field of statistics typically have strong quantitative skills, analytical minds, and like to help others solve problems.

Effective Fall 2021

Required Courses
STAA 551Regression Models and Applications2
STAA 552Generalized Regression Models2
STAA 553Experimental Design2
STAA 554Mixed Models2
STAA 556Statistical Consulting2
STAA 561Probability with Applications2
STAA 562Mathematical Statistics with Applications2
STAA 565Quantitative Reasoning1
STAA 566Data Visualization Methods1
STAA 567Computational and Simulation Methods1
STAA 574Methods in Multivariate Analysis2
STAA 575Applied Bayesian Statistics2
STAT 586Practicum in Consulting Techniques1
Select 8 credits from the following:8
Survey Statistics
Nonparametric Methods
Analysis of Time Series
Methods in Spatial Statistics
Statistical Learning and Data Mining
Machine Learning
Program Total Credits:30

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.