The Information Science and Technology Center

Dakota Cotner, Coordinator

This Interdisciplinary Minor is sponsored by five departments in different colleges across CSU: Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Journalism and Media Communication, and English. The program is designed for students seeking a broad foundation in information technology, but not seeking to major in a specific information technology-related field. The program requires 21 credits and is open to students majoring in any field other than Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Effective Fall 2018

Students must satisfactorily complete the total credits required for the minor. Minors and interdisciplinary minors require 12 or more upper-division (300- to 400-level) credits.

Additional coursework may be required due to prerequisites.

Computer Application Requirement - Before a student is admitted to this program the student must demonstrate mastery of the following skill:

  • Computer applications software - demonstrated by completion of BUS 150 or CS 110.
Required Courses
Select one of the following courses:3
New Media Trends and Society
Global Communication Technologies
Elective Courses
Select from the following courses: 118
Information Technology in Business
Application Design and Development
Advanced Application Design and Development
Business Database Systems
Web Application Development
Principles of Digital Rhetoric and Design
Culture and Coding (GT-AH3)
CS1---No Prior Programming Experience
CS1--Prior Programming Experience
Web Development
Network and System Administration
Professional and Technical Communication (GT-CO3)
Digital Photography
Trends in Digital Communication
Advanced Web Design and Management
Information Graphics
Program Total Credits:21