Office in Weber Building, Room 101

Coordinated by the Department of Mathematics

The graduate-level interdisciplinary studies program in Mathematics at CSU is designed for students who seek to enrich their graduate degree by completing an additional program of study in mathematics. The program presumes a background in mathematics that includes sufficient prerequisite material to enter the courses in the program. To be admitted to the program, students must be pursuing a graduate degree in another discipline at CSU.

To be considered for admission to the program, contact the graduate coordinator in the department. Each individual program of study must be submitted to and approved by the Mathematics Graduate Committee.

Effective Fall 2005

Students must complete 12 or more credits of non-reserved number Mathematics courses with at least 9 credits at 500-level and above (excluding MATH 505). Up to 3 credits of 400-level Mathematics courses (excluding MATH 425, MATH 470) may be included. Each program of study must be arranged in consultation with the Mathematics Graduate Committee. A GPA of 3.000 or above in all mathematics courses is required to satisfy the program requirements.