The Political Communication Interdisciplinary Minor is designed for students interested in the way ideas are communicated and shape the political process.  It emphasizes the knowledge and abilities relevant to participation in political environments. The minor is particularly relevant for students interested in communication, law, politics, public administration, public deliberation, public policy, and other professions that deal with issues in public settings.

Coordinated by the Department of Political Science.  For more information on declaring a minor in Political Communication, please visit Clark C346 or contact Lauren Tighe at

Effective Fall 2015

POLS 101American Government and Politics (GT-SS1)3
SPCM 420Political Communication3
Select 6-9 credits from the following: 16-9
U.S. Political Parties and Elections
Politics of Organized Interests
Legislative Politics
Executive Politics
U.S. Environmental Politics and Policy
Global Environmental Politics
U.S. Civil Rights and Liberties
Democratic Theory
Comparative Social Movements
Public Policy Process
Globalization, Sustainability, and Justice
Select 6-9 credits from the following: 16-9
Freedom of Speech
Film and Social Change
Rhetoric in Social Movements
Public Deliberation
Applied Deliberative Techniques
Communication in Organizations
Intercultural Communication
Program Total Credits:21

Students must complete 6 credits of required courses and a minimum total of 15 credits from the two course selection lists, as shown.