Coordinated by the Department of Anthropology.

In addition to the required course, students must select one course from each of the four Groups below, A, B, C, and D, for a minimum total of 15 credits. A minimum of 9 credits must be taken at the 500-level or above. At least two courses must be from outside the student's discipline or sub-discipline. A minimum total of 15 credits is required.

Effective Spring 2013

Required Course
ANTH 530Human-Environment Interactions3
Group A: Concepts of Cultural and Social Systems in Environment Context3
Agricultural and Food System Ethics
Cultural Change
Human Ecology
Evolution of Human Adaptation
Indigenous Ecologies and the Modern World
New Orleans and the Caribbean
Anthropology and Sustainable Development
Cultural Geography
World Environmental History, 1500-Present
Politics of Environment and Sustainability
Theories of State, Economy, and Society
Environmental Sociology
Group B: Concepts and Methods of Ecology and People3
Advanced Issues in Agriculture
Sociology of Food Systems and Agriculture
Human Ecology
Impacts on Ancient Environments
Culture and Environment
Human Origins
Paleoclimate and Human Evolution
Global Change Impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation
Wildland Ecosystems in a Changing World
Group C: Concepts and Methods of Governance and Economy3
Anthropology and Sustainable Development
Introduction-Economics of Natural Resources
Ag- and Resource-Based Economic Development
Agricultural Policy
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Environmental Economics
Natural Resources History and Policy
Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Global Environmental Politics
Governance of the World Political Economy
Politics of Environment and Sustainability
International Environmental Politics
Group D: Skills and Methods3
Method in Cultural Anthropology
Ethnographic Field Methods
Anthropological Report Preparation
From Death to Discovery
Models for Ecological Data
Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
Climate Change: Science, Policy, Implications
Spatial Analysis with GIS
Remote Sensing and Image Analysis
Program Total Credits:15

A minimum of 15 credits are required to complete this program.