The professional Master of Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management (Plan C) is a program of study consisting of 35 credit hours of coursework, including 9 credit hours of practicum, that prepares students to start their own businesses in the agribusiness food system or to join the team of an existing startup in the agricultural value chain. Completion of the degree program implies mastery of what it means to be an entrepreneur, ability to describe the agriculture value chain and potential business opportunities, practical understanding of the role that economics plays in successful business startups, financial and marketing skills needed to put together a business plan, ability to evaluate the viability of a new product or service, ability to work together in a team to put together a business plan, communication skills to sell that plan to others (particularly potential investors), and working knowledge of intellectual property and how to protect it from unauthorized exploitation. The practicum provides experience in the development of a business plan for an actual business. 

Effective Fall 2023

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
AREC 511Opportunities in the Agricultural Value Chain2
AREC 513Idea Evaluation in Agricultural Value Chains2
AREC 514Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance2
AREC 515Assessing Agricultural and Food Markets2
AREC 516Business Economics for the Entrepreneur2
BUS 646Building Value Thru Creativity and Innovation2
 Total Credits12
AREC 517Entrepreneurial Identity and Team Formation2
AREC 518Raising Capital in the Agricultural Sector2
AREC 519ANew Venture Communication: Interpersonal Interactions1
AREC 586ANew Venture Launch Practicum: Explore and Validate Value Proposition2
BUS 620Leadership and Teams2
BUS 660Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues2
 Total Credits11
AREC 520Intellectual Property in Food and Agriculture2
AREC 521New Food Product Development2
AREC 586BNew Venture Launch Practicum: Communicate, Design, and Iterate2
 Total Credits6
Second Year
AREC 519BNew Venture Communication: Making the Pitch1
AREC 586CNew Venture Launch Practicum: Final Evaluation, Presentation, and Launch5
 Total Credits6
 Program Total Credits:35

A minimum of 35 credits are required to complete this program.