The Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change doctoral specialization is designed to help managers, directors, executives, researchers, and academics develop the skills needed to improve organizational effectiveness, manage organizational change, enhance decision-making, and develop analysis and research expertise.

The program's coursework is grounded in organizational, strategic, learning, and change management theory. It focuses on a combination of sociological, systems, psychological, and economic approaches to performance improvement and change management strategies.

This doctoral degree is a cohort structure offered as face-to-face, bi-weekly Saturday meetings held in downtown Denver.

Effective Fall 2014

EDRM 700Quantitative Research Methods3
EDRM 702Foundations of Educational Research3
EDRM 704Qualitative Research3
EDRM 792BSeminar: Proposal Development3
Select one track from the following: 16
Quantitative Track
Select two courses from the following:
Applied Linear Models-Educational Research
Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
Analysis of Variance--Education Research
Quantitative Data Collection Methods/Analysis
Qualitative Track
Select two courses from the following:
Qualitative Data Analysis
Narrative Inquiry
Ethnographic Research
OLPC Content Courses
EDOD 706Organizational Learning, Performance, Change3
EDOD 761Evaluation and Assessment of Interventions3
EDOD 766Scenario Planning in Organizations3
EDOD 768Workforce Development3
EDOD 769Theory and Practice of Change3
EDOD 771Social Foundations of the Workplace3
EDOD 772Theory Building in Applied Disciplines3
EDOD 773Systems Leadership3
EDOD 792Seminar-Human Resource Development3
EDOD 792Seminar-Human Resource Development6-9
EDOD 799Dissertation6-9
Master's Degree Credit
Master's Degree Credit 230
Program Total Credits:90

A minimum of 90 credits are required to complete this program.   


Students select the Quantitative or Qualitative track with approval of advisor and graduate committee.


 A maximum of 30 credits may be accepted from a master's degree.