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Voice Option

The Bachelor of Music, Performance Concentration, Voice Option is a professional degree program that provides students with excellent opportunities for vocal, artistic and personal growth. Each member of the voice faculty provides a nurturing, yet challenging studio environment. The emphasis of process over product allows students to develop a solid platform of vocal technique for realizing their personal artistry.

All voice students study with a highly qualified and experienced faculty of professors of voice. In addition to a seminar for freshman voice majors that supports their transition to collegiate study, voice majors spend the Fall semester of their Freshman year by participating in individual lesson rotations with each of the voice faculty. In their second semester of study, voice majors are placed with a single teacher for the remainder of their degree program to further promote personalized and engaged care for the student throughout their study at CSU.

Voice students have the opportunity to perform in a variety of styles and formats, as both soloists and ensemble members of choirs, opera and musical theater productions, as well as chamber music collaborations. Voice students perform a jury each semester and sing on voice area and departmental recitals throughout the year.

Music Audition

In addition to applying to CSU through the Office of Admissions, a successful audition with CSU Music faculty is required for entrance into the B.M., Performance Concentration. Please visit the music website for Music Audition Information.

Music Program Fee

A music program fee is assessed with undergraduate and graduate music majors and minors, per semester. The fee does not apply to the following students: online degree students, summers-only master's degree students, music therapy students in an internship off-campus, music education students who are student teaching off-campus, and music minors who are not actively enrolled in any lessons or ensembles. Please visit the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for special course fees.

Effective Fall 2022

A minimum grade of C (2.000) is required in all music courses used to satisfy the requirements of the BM in Music, Performance Concentration, Voice Option.

CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)1A3
MU 117Music Theory I 3
MU 118Music Theory II 3
MU 127Aural Skills I 1
MU 128Aural Skills II 1
MU 131Introduction to Music History and Literature (GT-AH1)3B3
MU 1501Piano Class I 1
MU 151B1Piano Class II: Performance, Composition, and General Studies 1
MU 173Freshman Voice Studio 1
MU 272QApplied Music Instruction: Voice 2
MU 275QApplied Instruction: Voice 3
MU *** Ensemble2 2
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion1C3
Quantitative Reasoning1B3
 Total Credits 30
MU 217Music Theory III 3
MU 218Music Theory IV 3
MU 227Aural Skills III 1
MU 228Aural Skills IV 1
MU 265ASingers Diction: German/English 1
MU 265BSingers Diction: French/Italian 1
MU 275Q3Applied Instruction: Voice 6
MU *** Ensemble2 2
Arts and Humanities3B3
Biological and Physical Sciences3A3
Historical Perspectives3D3
Social and Behavioral Sciences3C3
 Total Credits 30
LGER 100First-Year German I 5
LITA 100First-Year Italian I 5
MU 254Beginning Conducting 2
MU 471Recital 1
MU 475Q3Applied Instruction: Voice 6
MU *** Ensemble2 2
Upper Division Music History 4A/4B (see list below)4A,4B6
Biological and Physical Sciences3A4
 Total Credits 31
LFRE 100First-Year French I 5
MU 338Opera History and Literature 2
MU 466Song Literature 2
MU 4674Vocal Pedagogy 2
MU 471Recital4C1
MU 475Q3Applied Instruction: Voice 6
MU *** Ensemble2 2
Upper-Division Music Theory Elective (select one course from the following): 2-3
Arranging and Orchestration  
Tonal Analytic Techniques  
Post-Tonal Analytic Techniques  
Advanced Writing23
Electives5 3-4
 Total Credits 29
 Program Total Credits: 120

Ensemble Courses

MU 201Men's Chorus1
MU 202University Chorus1
MU 204Marching Band1
MU 205Concert Band1
MU 206Colorado State University Concert Orchestra1
MU 300Women's Chorus1
MU 302University Orchestra1
MU 304Symphonic Band1
MU 305Colorado State University Concert Choir1
MU 309Jazz Ensemble1
MU 310Jazz Combo1
MU 400Colorado State University Chamber Choir1
MU 401Opera Theater1-2
MU 402Theater/Chamber Orchestra1
MU 404Symphonic Wind Ensemble1
MU 406New Music Ensemble1
MU 407Accompanying1
MU 408Chamber Music1

 Upper Division Music History 4A/4B Courses 

Code Title AUCC Credits
MU 332 History of Jazz 4A,4B 3
MU 334 Perspectives in Early Music History 4A,4B 3
MU 335 Music of the Common Practice Era 4A,4B 3
MU 430 20th and 21st Century Music 4A,4B 3
MU 431 American Music 4A,4B 3

Students with previous keyboard experience may test out of MU 150 and/or MU 151B and use the credit(s) for an elective.


Students must participate in an ensemble during each semester in which they are enrolled in MU 173, MU 275Q and MU 475Q. At least once during the program of study, this must be achieved by taking MU 408 or through another small ensemble experience.


Take in two semesters for a total of 6 credits.


Taken in either the Junior or Senior year based upon course rotation.


Select enough elective credits to bring the program total to a minimum of 120 credits, of which at least 42 must be Upper-Division (300- to 400-level). 

Distinctive Requirements for Degree Program:

A minimum grade of C (2.000) is required in all music courses used to satisfy the requirements of the major programs (B.A. and B.M.) in music. Failure to pass a class or UDQE will likely delay graduation.

Semester 1CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
CO 150College Composition (GT-CO2)X 1A3
MU 117Music Theory IX  3
MU 127Aural Skills IX  1
MU 150Piano Class IX  1
MU 173Freshman Voice StudioX  1
MU 272QApplied Music Instruction: VoiceX  2
MU *** EnsembleX  1
Quantitative ReasoningX 1B3
 Total Credits   15
Semester 2CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
MU 118Music Theory IIX  3
MU 128Aural Skills IIX  1
MU 131Introduction to Music History and Literature (GT-AH1)X 3B3
MU 151BPiano Class II: Performance, Composition, and General StudiesX  1
MU 275QApplied Instruction: VoiceX  3
MU *** EnsembleX  1
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionX 1C3
 Total Credits   15
Semester 3CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
MU 217Music Theory IIIX  3
MU 227Aural Skills IIIX  1
MU 265ASingers Diction: German/EnglishX  1
MU 275QApplied Instruction: VoiceX  3
MU *** EnsembleX  1
Arts and Humanities X3B3
Biological and Physical Sciences X3A3
 Total Credits   15
Semester 4CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
MU 218Music Theory IVX  3
MU 228Aural Skills IVX  1
MU 275QApplied Instruction: VoiceX  3
MU 265BSingers Diction: French/ItalianX  1
MU *** EnsembleX  1
Historical Perspectives X3D3
Social and Behavioral Sciences X3C3
 Total Credits   15
Semester 5CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
LITA 100First-Year Italian IX  5
MU 254Beginning ConductingX  2
MU 471RecitalX  1
MU 475QApplied Instruction: VoiceX  3
Upper Division Music History (see list on Concentration Requirements Tab) X4A,4B3
MU *** EnsembleX  1
 Total Credits   15
Semester 6CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
LGER 100First-Year German IX  5
MU 475QApplied Instruction: VoiceX  3
Upper Division Music History (see list on Concentration Requirements Tab) X4A,4B3
MU *** EnsembleX  1
Biological and Physical Sciences X3A4
 Total Credits   16
Semester 7CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
LFRE 100First-Year French IX  5
MU 467Vocal PedagogyX  2
MU 471RecitalX  1
MU 475QApplied Instruction: VoiceX  3
MU *** EnsembleX  1
Advanced Writing  X23
 Total Credits   15
Semester 8CriticalRecommendedAUCCCredits
MU 338Opera History and LiteratureX  2
MU 466Song LiteratureX  2
MU 475QApplied Instruction: VoiceX  3
MU *** EnsembleX  1
Upper-Division Music Theory Elective (see list on Concentration Requirements Tab)X  2-3
ElectivesX  3-4
The benchmark courses for the 8th semester are the remaining courses in the entire program of study.X   
 Total Credits   14
 Program Total Credits:   120